Friends4Kids-OperationHOBO (Helping Others Before Ourselves)

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My original idea began with a simple  act of kindness and has grown over the past 8 years.  Word of mouth . Boca can be a tough place to raise a child , but when you put the word out that kids are helping other kids, I get calls from friends who ask if their friend can participate with their child. It’s contagious! "Gina Barron"

Boca Raton News

What I have learned....... 
"You may have given a needy child an entirely different view of the world by providing them kindness when they needed it".
" We are strangers coming into their life for one day but that one act of kindness may have an everlasting effect on that child, we'll never know but we can only hope".
Luke A. Barron

Boynton Beach Charter School

Florence Fuller Child Development

Family Promises Palm Beach County

Galaxy Elementary School - Boynton Beach

Delray Full Service Center - Head Start Program

DOT's Success Academy, Inc

Wayne Barton Community Center