Friends4Kids-OperationHOBO (Helping Others Before Ourselves)

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Congratulations Luke!

I am so very heart warmed to learn about your venture. You have always been a caring individual that has reached out to others. Keep up the good work! You are indeed filling others buckets. I wish more people would look past their own needs and focus on those that are less fortunate!

Happy Holidays!


Mrs. Breger-Herman

Florence Fuller Development Center (East-West) honored Luke at a board meeting to recognize his continued efforts in supporting their children. He was presented an oil painting by a local artist featuring a boy in a garden.
Pamela Maddox, Parent Involvement Coordinator presented Luke with a certificate of appreciation and said " You are a true champion and hero to our children".

Florence Fuller 04'
Del Prado Principal - Sandra Rhategan and Luke
I'm so very proud of you, Mrs. Rhategan

Hi Luke,Thank you, so much for your kind note to me. And thank you for all you have done for us at the Chapel. Thank you for participating in our Christmas pageants and for inspiring us with your kidz helpin kidz effort. (I love the web site!) I am sorry to be leaving the Chapel too. It has been a special place for me, and for lots of other people. One of our gifts has been the people who have come to join us, and made us better by sharing their gifts, as you and your Mom have done.Keep up the good work, and stay in touch. I don’t  know yet where I’ll be,  but I will let you know when I find out. Yours, in Christ, 

Steve Zimmerman - St. Andrew's Episcopal Church


Florence Full Child Development Center - Boca Raton, Florida - 09-11' Literacy Program
Over 1800 new books were donated between 2009-2011 to Florence Fuller Child Development Center for their Literacy Program. The members of our group will assist with organizing a library for their after school program.

Galaxy Elementary School - Boynton Beach, Florida - Recipient of our book drive with a few hundred brand new books being donated.

DOT - Received 6000 new books for the literacy program - 2011

Wayne Barton Center - Received 1000 new books - 2011

Boynton Beach Charter School - Received 1000 new books - 2011

 Luke Barron - H.O.B.O

Boynton Beach Charter School

Florence Fuller Child Development

Family Promises Palm Beach County

Galaxy Elementary School - Boynton Beach

Delray Full Service Center - Head Start Program

DOT's Success Academy, Inc

Wayne Barton Community Center